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The Aum or Om symbol. It represents the divine dirl o the Universe

Hinduism is a releegion or frae the Indie Subcontinent. It's mey be the auldest releegion in the warld. It's foondit on the fower beuks cried the Vedas, an a puckle mair beuks forby.

The name Hinduism refers tae mony unlik schuils o thocht an mony unalike rituals an practices. Hinduism haes mebbes 900 million follaers. Maist o thaim bides in Indie.

Forby Hindus dinna gree on awthing, mony beliefs is shared, sic as a belief in Dharma (ethics, tasks, things ye maun dae), Samsāra (Reincarnation), Karma (cause an effect) an Moksha (salvation) for ilka saul bi the practice o Bhakti (devotional service), Karma (selfless action) an Jñāna (enlichtenment, knawledge), Raja (meditation) an o coorse, belief in God (Īshvara).

Hinduism's a polytheistic releegion, an Hindus believes there's millions o gods. The three maist important yins is Shiva, Vishnu an Brahma.