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Baptists is Christians wha staun in a "Radical" tradeetion. Wi regairds tae the main doctrines they gree wi the ither kirks, but wi regairds their ain kirk they hae their ain insichts. They believe that the kirk is made o believers, bodies wha lippen an trou Jesus Christ. Sae they believe Baptism shoud be gien tae fowks wha ken they believe, nae tae bairns. They believe in the "Priesthuid o aw believers". They believe that the kirk shoud be independent o the steit an ilka local kirk free tae rule its ain affairs athoot meddlin frae the steit, beeshops's Presbyteries or Kirk Cooncils. Baptist kirks hauld meetins o aw their members for tae govern their affairs. Maist Baptist kirks haes a commattee o Deacons or Elders wha leuk efter the weel-bein o the kirk wi the meenister gif they hae ane.

  • There's Baptist Kirks in aw the ceeties in Scotland an in mony touns. Maist kirks haes atween fowerty an a hunner members, some haes anely a haundfu, an a puckle haes twa hunner or mair. Maist haes ae meenister, the muckle anes haes twa or mair. The smallest that cannae pey a minister aither shares wi ither kirks near at haun, or uises lay preachers. Maist Baptists allaes lay fowks tae tak pairt in the worship includin leadin at Communion.
  • Maist Scots Baptist Kirks worships in Inglis. Som micht whiles uise ither leids lik Ga'lic, or the leids o immigrant groups.

For ordinair there wed be the singin o hymns an mair modren sangs, there wed be prayers an a Bible readin an sermon. Whiles thair wed be tide for fowks tae get prayed for, an in some kirks fowks wed hae the scowth tae speak oot wi the Speerit gies them tae spaek.

  • Thair haes been Baptists in Scotland for ower three hunner year. For ower a hunner year maist Baptist kirks in Scotland haes been jyned in the Baptist Union o Scotland. The Union haes offices in Glesga an ae staff heidit bi the Reverent Martin Hodson Donaldson. For trainin meenisters there is a smaw College in the airts o the Varsity o the Wast o Scotland in Paisley.