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Coordinates: 55°51′00″N 4°26′00″W / 55.85°N 4.4333°W / 55.85; -4.4333 Paisley (Scots Gaelic: Pàislig) is a toun an umwhile burgh situate in the wast central lawlands o Scotland, aboot seiven mile wast-sooth-wast o Glesgae. It is the mucklest toun an admeenistrative centre o the Renfrewshire cooncil area. Straidlin the White Cart Watter that gangs the gither wi the Black Cart Watter an becomes the River Cart nor'warts the toun. The settlement occupees the lawland tae the north o the Gleniffer Braes.

Paisley wis ance thocht tae hae been the steid o the Roman fortification o Vanduara (or Vandogara) chronicelt by Ptolemy. The identifeecation o the steid o modren Paisley wi this fort is foremaist foondit on the sibness o the name o the station tae the Brythonic Gwen-dwr ('white watter') that was mynt tae hae been the name o the White Cart Watter at thon time.

In the 12th century a priory wis foondit at Paisley that a settlement suin grew aroond. Athin a hunner yeir o its foondation, the priory had managed at gittin the status o a Abbey. The toun became famous in the 18th and 19th centuries for the production o claith, inspecially cotton wi the distinctive Paisley Pattern.

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