Scots Lawlands

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The Lawland-Hieland sheddin

The Scots Lawlands (Scots Gaelic: a' Ghalldachd, meanin roughly 'the non-Gaelic region' or Machraichean na h-Alba, an cried the Lowlands in Inglis), awtho no offeecially a geographical area o the kintra, for ordinar it is meant tae include thae pairts o Scotland no referred tae as the Hielands (or Gàidhealtachd), that is, awplace in an airtin sooth an east o a line (the Hieland Boonds Faut) atween Stanehyve an Helensburgh (on the Firth o Clyde). Confuisinly, some pairts o the Lawlands, sicas the Soothren Uplands isna pheesically 'law', an some sections o the Hielands, sicas Islay is laich-leein.

The Lawlands includes the tradeetional Scots coonties o Ayrshire, Berwickshire, Clackmannanshire, Dumfriesshire, East Lowden[1], Fife, Kinross-shire, Kirkcudbrightshire, Lanrickshire, Mid-Lowden[2], Peeblesshire, Renfrewshire, Roxburghshire, Selkirkshire, Wast Lowden[3] an Wigtounshire.

Tradeetional Scots coonties that includes baith Hieland an Lawland sections includes Angus[4], Dunbartonshire, Stirlinshire, Perthshire, Kincardineshire, Aiberdeenshire, Banffshire an Moray.

Awtho Caithness, is whiles clessifee'd unner Hielands an Islands, it is aften conseedered 'Lawland' an aw, an is differentiatit frae the Gàidhealtachd whan, for ensaumple, talkin aboot Lawland Scots (awtho pairts o Caithness spak Gaelic intil the 20t century). Orkney an Shetland is whiles cried 'lawland', mainly acause o thair current langage, but haes their ain identity derived frae the Norse tae the pynt o a wheen o the islanders no conseederin thairsels Scots.

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