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(Reguidit frae Lanrickshire)
Coonty tounLanrik (historic)
Hamiltoun (modren)
 • Total2,277 km2 (879 sq mi)
 Rankit 11t o 34
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Lanrikshire, offeecially the Coonty o Lanrik (Inglis: Lanarkshire; Scots Gaelic: Siorrachd Lannraig) is a Lieutenancy area, registration coonty an umwhile local govrenment coonty in the central Lawlands o Scotland. Glesga, the neighbouring major ceety, wis umwhile includit as pairt o Lanrikshire for admeenistrative purposes an remains pairt o the registration coonty.

Historically, Lanrikshire wis the maist populous coonty in Scotland an, in earlier times, haed considerably greater bundaries, includin neighbourin Renfrewshire till 1402.[1] In modren times, it wis bundit tae the north bi Stirlinshire an a detached portion o Dunbartonshire, to the northeast bi Stirlinshire, Wast Lowden, tae the east bi Peeblesshire, tae the sootheast an sooth bi Dumfriesshire, tae the soothwast bi Dumfriesshire and Ayrshire an tae the wast bi Ayrshire, Renfrewshire an Dunbartonshire.

Lanrikshire wis historically dividit atween twa admeenistrative areas then, in the mid-18t century, wis dividit again intae three wards: the upper, middle an lawer wards wi their admeenistrative centres at Lanrik, Hamiltoun an Glesga respectively an remained this way till the Local Govrenment (Scotland) Act 1889. Ither significant settlements include East Kilbride, Mitherwall, Airdrie, Coatbrig, Blantyre, Cambuslang, Ruglen an Wishae.[2]

Local govrenment

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In 1975, the coonty cooncil wis abolished an the area absorbed intae the lairger Strathclyde region, which itsel wis dividit intae new Cooncil areas in 1996. The auld area o Lanrikshire is nou mainly occupee'd bi the cooncil areas o North Lanrikshire an Sooth Lanrikshire.

North Lanrikshire an South Lanrikshire hae a joint board for valuation an electoral registration. There is an aa a joint health board, which does no cover Ruglen an the surroondin area in Sooth Lanrikshire. Athout the northren portion o North Lanrikshire, this is an aa a Lieutenancy area.


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Lanrikshire hostit the International Children's Games in August 2011 [3]. A total o 1,300 competitors an coaches, alang wi admeenistrators an delegates, representin 77 ceeties frae 33 kintras warldwide attendit.


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