Lieutenancy areas o Scotland

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The lieutenancy areas o Scotland (Inglis: Lieutenancy areas of Scotland) is the areas uised fur the ceremonial lord-lieutenants, the monarch's representatives, in Scotland. They are different frae the local government council areas, the committee areas, the sheriffdoms, the registration counties, the umwhile regions an districts, the umwhile counties o Scotland, an the sindry ither subdivisions of Scotland.

The Lord Provosts o Aiberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, an Glesgae forby act ex officio as lord-lieutenants. This is a unique richt in the Unitit Kinrick: aw ither lord-lieutenants is appyntit bi the monarch, rather than bein eleckit politeecians.

Lieutenancy areas o Scotland
  1. Aiberdeen
  2. Aiberdeenshire
  3. Angus
  4. Argyll an Bute
  5. Ayrshire an Arran
  6. Banffshire
  7. Berwickshire
  8. Caithness
  9. Clackmannanshire
  10. Dumfries
  11. Dunbartonshire
  12. Dundee
  13. East Lowden
  14. Edinburgh
  15. Fife
  16. Glesgae
  17. Innerness
  18. Kincardineshire
  19. Lanrikshire
  1. Midlothian
  2. Moray
  3. Nairn
  4. Perth an Kinross
  5. Renfrewshire
  6. Ross an Cromarty
  7. Roxburgh, Ettrick an Lauderdale
  8. Stirlin an Falkirk
  9. Sutherland
  10. The Stewartry o Kirkcudbright
  11. Tweeddale
  12. Wast Lowden
  13. Wastren Isles
  14. Wigtown

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Definition o the areas[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ilka Lord-Lieutenant o a coonty hauldin office immediately prior tae 16 Mey 1975 wis appointit tae a region or pairt o a region as follaes:

Coonty Umwhile Region Title Pairt o Region
Aiberdeen Grampian Aiberdeenshire The Coonty o Aiberdeen as existin afore 16 Mey 1975, except that pairt in the Ceety o Aiberdeen
Angus Tayside Angus Destrict o Angus
Argyll Strathclyde Argyll an Bute Destrict o Argyll an Bute
Ayr Strathclyde Ayrshire an Arran Destricts o Cunninghame, Kilmarnock an Loudoun, Kyle an Carrick an Cumnock an Doon Valley
Banff Grampian Banffshire the coonty o Banff as existin afore 16 May 1975
Berwick Borders Berwickshire Destrict o Berwickshire
Caithness Hieland Caithness Destrict o Caithness
Clackmannan Central Clackmannan Destrict o Clackmannan
Dumfries Dumfries an Galloway Dumfries Destricts o Nithsdale an Annandale an Eskdale
Dunbarton Strathclyde Dunbartonshire Destricts o Dumbarton, Clydebank, Bearsden an Milngavie, Strathkelvin an Cumbernauld an Kilsyth
East Lothian Lothian East Lothian Destrict o East Lothian
Fife Fife Fife Entire Region
Inverness Hieland Inverness Destricts o Lochaber, Inverness and Badenoch and Strathspey
Kincardine Grampian Kincardineshire The coonty o Kincardine as existin afore 16 Mey 1975, except that pairt in the Ceety o Aiberdeen
Kinross (held jointly with Perth) Tayside Perth an Kinross Destrict o Perth an Kinross
Stewartry o Kirkcudbright Dumfries an Galloway The Stewartry o Kirkcudbright Destrict o Stewartry
Lanark Strathclyde Lanarkshire Destricts o Monklands, Mitherwell, Hamilton, East Kilbride an Lanark
Midlothian Lothian Midlothian Destrict o Midlothian
Moray Grampian Morayshire Such pairt o the coonty o Moray as existin afore 16 Mey 1975 as lies athin the Region
Nairn Hieland Nairn Destrict o Nairn
Orkney Orkney Islands area Orkney Entire area
Peebles Borders Tweeddale Destrict o Tweeddale
Perth (held jointly wi Kinross) Tayside Perth an Kinross Destrict o Perth an Kinross
Renfrew Strathclyde Renfrewshire Destricts o Eastwood, Renfrew an Inverclyde
Ross an Cromarty Hieland Ross an Cromarty Destricts o Ross an Cromarty an Skye an Lochalsh
Roxburgh (held jointly wi Selkirk) Borders Roxburgh (held wi Ettrick an Lauderdale) Destrict o Roxburgh
Selkirk (held jointly wi Roxburgh) Borders Ettrick an Lauderdale (held wi Roxburgh) Destrict o Ettrick an Lauderdale
Stirling Central Stirling an Falkirk Destricts o Stirling an Falkirk
Sutherland Hieland Sutherland Destrict o Sutherland
Wast Lothian Lothian Wast Lothian Destrict o Wast Lothian
- Wastren Isles Islands area Wastren Isles Entire area
Wigtoun Dumfries an Galloway Wigtown Destrict o Wigtoun
Zetland Shetland Islands area Shetland Entire area

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