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The Mearns

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(Reguidit frae Kincardineshire)
The Mearns shawn on a cairt o the historic coonties o Scotland

The Mearns (from A' Mhaoirne meanin 'The Stewartry'), kent as the Coonty o Kincardine or Kincardineshire forbye, was a local government coonty on the coast o nor'east Scotland. It wis boond by Aiberdeenshire tae the north an wast, an by Angus tae the south.

The burgh o Stanehyve becam the coonty toun, an the coonty included three ither burghs, Banchory, Innerbervie an Laurencekirk.

The auld coonty toon wis Kincardine, a whilk naethin remains bit the remains o a castle.