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Roxburgh (or Rosbroch; Scots Gaelic: Rosbrog) is a nou-destroyed ryal burgh. It wis an important tradin burgh in Heich Medieval tae early modren Scotland. In the Middle Ages it haed at least as hintle importance as Edinburgh, Stirlin, Perth, or Barwick, for a time actin as de facto caipital (as ryal residence o David I).


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Its significance lay in its position in the centre o some o Lawland Scotland's maist agriculturally fertile auries, an its position upon the River Tweed, which alloued river transport o guids via the main seaport o Barwick. Its position an aa actit as a barrier tae Inglis invasion.

The toun stood on a defensible peninsula atween the rivers Tweed an Teviot, wi Roxburgh Castle guardin the narrae neck o the peninsula. Nothing remains o the toun except some ruined segments o castle ramparts. Its steid lees tae the sooth o modren Kelsae an Floors Castle, which lie on the ither side o the Tweed. The Duke o Roxburghe awns the steid.

Inglis an Scots forces repeatedly captured an recaptured the toun durin the Scots Wars o Unthirldom. Its feenal recaptur in 1460 saw the toun an castle destroyed. Efter this time the toun niver regained its importance acause the feenal Inglis captur o Barwick in 1482 left Roxburgh wi little reason tae exist.

Roxburgh wis supersedit as the coonty toun o the umwhile coonty o Roxburghshire bi Jedburgh.[1]


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Roxburgh probably comes frae Auld Inglis *hrōcas burh, "rook's borough".[2]

Roxburgh Destrict

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Roxburgh Destrict 1975–96

In mari recent times (1975–1996), "Roxburgh" referred tae a local govrenment destrict in the Borders region o Scotland. Its borders broadly resembled those o the traditional coonty o Roxburghshire. In 1996 the destrict o Roxburgh became pairt o the Scots Borders unitary aurie. (See an aw: Subdiveesions o Scotland)

Clachan o Roxburgh

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Sunlaws Mill on the Tweed near Roxburgh

Nouadays the name Roxburgh belangs tae a sma clachan aboot 2 mile (3.2 km) sooth-soothwast o the steid o the historic Roxburgh. It is aff the A699, bi the River Teviot, near Kelsae in the Mairches aurie o Scotland.

Ither places nearbi include Ednam, Heiton, Maxton, Morebattle, Smailholm, Sprouston an Stichill,

The Borders Abbeys Way passes through the veelage.

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