Subdiveesions o Scotland

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Cooncils o Scotland
Scotland Administrative Map 2009.png
Category Admeenistrative unit
Location Scotland
Nummer 32 Cooncils
Populations 21,400 (Orkney Islands) – 593,200 (Glasgow)
Auries 67 square miles (170 km2) (Dundee) - 11,838 square miles (30,660 km2) (Hieland)
Govrenment Cooncil govrenment
Subdiveesions Lieutenancy Aurie, Shire

For local govrenment purposes, Scotland is dividit intae 32 auries designatit as "cooncil auries", which are aw govrened bi single-tier authorities[1] designatit as "cooncils".

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Wi respect tae Scotland the phrase "unitar authority" is merely descriptive; in the Unitit Kinrick the phrase "unitar authority" as a designation is speceefic tae local govrenment auries in Ingland.