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Siorrachd Rinn Friù
Renfrewshire in Scotland.svg
Coat o airms o Renfrewshire Siorrachd Rinn Friù
Coat o airms
Coordinates: 55°49′47″N 4°32′34″W / 55.829858°N 4.542838°W / 55.829858; -4.542838Coordinates: 55°49′47″N 4°32′34″W / 55.829858°N 4.542838°W / 55.829858; -4.542838
Admin HQ Paisley
 • Bouk Renfrewshire Cooncil
 • Control SNP minority (cooncil NOC)
 • MPs
 • MSPs
 • Total 261.5 km2 (101.0 sq mi)
Aurie rank Ranked 24th
Population (mid-2016 est.)
 • Tot 175,900
 • Rank Rankit 10th
 • Density 672/km2 (1,740/sq mi)
ONS code S12000038
ISO 3166 code GB-RFW

Renfrewshire (Scots Gaelic: Shiorrachd Rinn Friù) is ane o the 32 cooncil auries o Scotland. It is ane o thrie cooncil auries athin the mairches o the historic Renfrewshire, kent as the Coontie o Renfrew or Greter Renfrewshire anaw, the ither twa bein Inverclyde til the wast an East Renfrewshire til the eist. Renfrewshire can refer til the aurie athin the umwhyl coontie mairches tae, whilk is uis'd as a registration coontie an lieutenancie aurie.

Its heidsteid is the toun o Paisley, whilk is the cooncil auries mukkilest toun anaw.

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