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Scots coonties

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(Reguidit frae Coonties o Scotland)

Scotland wis laid oot as 34 coonties ower the coorse o the 18t, 19t an 20t centuries. They wis duin awa wi as offeecial bodies in 1975 bi the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, that replaced them wi airts o Scotland, island council airts an the lieutenancy airts o Scotland.

Though the coonties theirsels dinna hae offeecial status ony mair, some o thair names is aye in uiss. The Scots Laund Register uises the same boonds as the umwhile coonties, but keeps Glesca apairt an pits Orkney an Shetland thegither. The boonds stayed in uiss, forby, in a chynged form as postal coonties o the Unitit Kinrick till 1996.

32 coonties (2 no shawn)
  1. Caithness
  2. Sutherland
  3. Ross-shire
  4. Cromartyshire
  5. Inverness-shire
  6. Nairnshire
  7. Morayshire
  8. Banffshire
  9. Aberdeenshire
  10. Kincardineshire
  11. Angus
  12. Perthshire
  13. Argyll
  14. Bute
  15. Ayrshire
  16. Renfrewshire
  17. Dunbartonshire
  18. Stirlingshire
  19. Clackmannanshire
  20. Kinross-shire
  21. Fife
  22. West Lothian
  23. Mid Lothian
  24. East Lothian
  25. Berwickshire
  26. Roxburghshire
  27. Dumfriesshire
  28. Kirkcudbrightshire
  29. Wigtownshire
  30. Lanrickshire
  31. Selkirkshire
  32. Peeblesshire
No shawn:
Zetland (Shetland)