East Lowden

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(Reguidit frae East Lothian)
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East Lowden
East Lothian
Lodainn an Ear
East Lothian in Scotland.svg
Coordinates: 55°55′N 2°45′W / 55.917°N 2.750°W / 55.917; -2.750Coordinates: 55°55′N 2°45′W / 55.917°N 2.750°W / 55.917; -2.750
Admin HQ Haidintoun
 • Bouk East Lowden Cooncil
 • Control Labour minority (cooncil NOC)
 • MPs
 • MSPs
 • Total 679.2 km2 (262.2 sq mi)
Aurie rank Ranked 18th
Population (mid-2016 est.)
 • Tot 104,100
 • Rank Rankit 21st
 • Density 153/km2 (400/sq mi)
ONS code S12000010
ISO 3166 code GB-ELN
Wabsteid http://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/

East Lowden (spelt Eist Lowden or Aest Lowden anaw; Inglis: East Lothian, Scots Gaelic: Lodainn an Ear) is ane o the 32 cooncil auries o Scotland an a tradeitional coontie anaw; cried Haidintounshire bi monie fowk. It is boond bi Midlowden til the wast an bi The Mairches til the sooth. Its heidsteid is Haidintoun but its maist mukkil toun is Musselburgh.

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