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Tolbooth, Dunbar High Street.JPG
Tolbooth an mercat cross, Dunbar High Street
Dunbaur is locatit in East Lowden
Dunbaur shawn within East Lowden
Population 8,486 [2] (2011 census)
OS grid reference NT678789
Cooncil aurie
Lieutenancy aurie
Kintra Scotland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun DUNBAR
Postcode destrict EH42
Diallin code 01368
Polis Scots
Fire Scots
Ambulance Scots
EU Pairlament Scotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
List of places
56°00′10″N 2°31′01″W / 56.002725°N 2.516901°W / 56.002725; -2.516901Coordinates: 56°00′10″N 2°31′01″W / 56.002725°N 2.516901°W / 56.002725; -2.516901

Dunbaur is a toun in East Lowden on the sootheast coast o Scotland, approximately 28 mile east o Edinburgh an 28 mile frae the Inglis Mairch at Berwick Upon Tweed. It haes a population o aboot 12,000 (2001 census).

Dunbaur is a umwhile Ryal Burgh that gien its name tae an ecclesiastical an ceevil pairish. The pairish extends aroond 7½ mile east tae wast an is 3½ mile deep at greatest extent (12 x 5.5 kilometres) or 11¼ square miles (c. 3000 hectares) an conteens the veelages o Wast Barns, Belhaven, East Barns (abandoned) an several hamlets an ferms.

Its strategic poseetion gien rise tae a history full o incident an strife but Dunbaur haes become a quate dormitory toun popular wi wirkers in nearby Edinburgh, wha find it an affordable alternative tae the caipital itsel. Till the 1960s the population o the toun wis little mair nor 3,500.

The toun is serred bi Dunbaur railwey station. Dunbaur is hame tae the Dunbaur Lifeboat Station, the seicont auldest RNLI station in Scotland.

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