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The Banner o Shetland
Shetland's airt aff the coast o Scotland

Shetland (aulder spellin: Zetland, frae Ȝetland; Auld Norse Hjaltland; Gaelic: Sealtainn) is an archipelago aff the northeast coast o mainlaund Scotland. The islands lees tae the northeast o Orkney, 280 km (170 mi) frae the Faroe Islands an mak up pairt o the diveesion atween the Atlantic Ocean tae the wast an the German Ocean tae the east. The hail area is aboot 1,466 km² (566 sq mi). Shetland is ane o the 32 cooncil auries o Scotland. The islands' admeenistrative centre an anely burgh is Lerwick.

The lairgest island, kent as "the Mainland," haes an area o 967 km² (374 sq mi), makkin it the third-lairgest Scots island an the fifth-lairgest o the Breetish Isles.

Leid[eedit | eedit soorce]

Main airticles: Norn leid, Shetlandic, and Pechts leid

The Pechts leid deed oot durin the Viking occupation an wis replaced by Auld Norse, whilk in turn evolved intae Norn. This remains the maist kenspeckle aff-faw o Norse cultur on the islands. Awmaist ivery place name in uise thare can be traced back tae the Vikings.[1] Norn continued tae be spoken till the 18t century whan it wis replaced by a insular byleid o Scots kent as Shetlandic an aw, that in turn is bein replaced by Scots Inglis.

Awtho Norn wis spoken for hunders o years it is nou extinct an few written sources remain.

Ensaumple o the Lord's Prayer in Shetland Norn:

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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