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Pechts leid

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Extinctbi 900 AD
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ISO 639-3xpi

Pechtish (Scots Gaelic: Cruithnis) is a term uised for the extinct leid or leids thocht tae hae been spaken by the Pechts, the fowk o northren an central Scotland in the Early Middle Ages. Pechtish is thocht tae hae been a Brythonic, Celtic leid.

The Pechts wis in whit is nou Scotland lang afore the Scots or Scotland, an acause o this Scots Gaelic haes some o thair tongue in it. Wirds the likes o "Pit" (fermtoun) an "Aber" (Gub o a muckle river) gies us a keek at whit the aulder leid o Scotland. Aber is niver foond in the Erse but are in the Welsh, Cornish an Breton forby.

This Pechtish leid wis a gey close kin o the Welsh an the aulder forebeirs o fowk in Scotland wis kent by maist as the Pechts an afore them wis the real "Aulder Kindred" the Creenie. Aw thae Celties an Widkerns that haedna been brocht inta the Roman Empire wis gien the Laitin name "populi picti" (pentit fowk) an this is whaur Pict comes frae.

There wis Britanni (in Laitin) or mair like "Pretani" that micht coud be unerstuid bi ony modren body wi the Welsh Leid an mair o mair import they warna "tame" they bade ootwi the waws baith Hadrian's an the Antonine. Tae the Romans they war a richt pain, but the mercators troked an the raidin gaen on athort the waws. In aulder times afore the Romans the tribes or clans of the "Pretani" frae the Sooth o England tae the Nor' end o Scotland wis kith an kin an shared a cultur an leid. The Romans wi their Empire chynged aw that.

It disnae maiter syne the auld Welsh o Scotland wis a form of P-Celtic an samples o it bides yet in place names sic as Ecclefechan (Eglwys fechan or the "Kirk o the Yunkers"). Mony a place in Scotland still hauds bitties o the auld leid an gies us the clue that Arthur an Merlin micht just hae been in Camelot close forenenst Fawkirk or, Eglwys Brych tae gie its aulder name.