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Coordinates: 56°00′04″N 3°47′01″W / 56.0011°N 3.7835°W / 56.0011; -3.7835

Scots Gaelic: An Eaglais Bhreac
Inglis: The Falkirk
Falkirk Heich Street
Fawkirk is located in Falkirk

 Fawkirk shown within the Falkirk cooncil aurie
Aurie  11 km2 (4.2 sq mi)
Population 35,168 (2010)
    - Density  3,197/km2 (8,280/sq mi)
Settled 7t century
Burgh Charter 1600
Elevation 37 m (121 ft)[1]
OS grid reference NS887801
Ceevil parish Fawkirk
Cooncil aurie Fawkirk
Lieutenancy aurie Stirlin an Fawkirk
Kintra Scotland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun FALKIRK
Postcode destrict FK1
Diallin code 01324
Polis Scots
Fire Scots
Ambulance Scots
EU Pairlament Scotland
UK Pairlament Falkirk
Scottish Parliament Fawkirk Wast
Website www.falkirk.gov.uk
Leet o places

Fawkirk (Falkirk in Aulder Scots; An Eaglais Bhreac in the Scots Gaelic) is a muckle toun in Stirlinshire, Scotland. Fawkirk itsel is hame til the Fawkirk Wheel amang ither things sic as the Callander Hoose an the Fawkirk Bairns Fitbaw team. It's a gey industrial an weel-populatit airt o the kintra. Staunds as the main nave atween the ceeties o Glesgae, Edinburgh an Stirlin an aw.

Twin touns[eedit | eedit soorce]

Falkirk is twinned wi:

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