Northren Isles

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Cairt o the islands, the islands are on the north o scotland

The Northren Isles is a cheen o islands aff the north coast o mainlaund Scotland.

The group is makkit up o Shetland, Fair Isle an Orkney. Whiles Stroma is includit, awtho it is technically pairt o Caithness, no Orkney.

Cultur an politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Northren Isles is for ordinar sindert for poleetical ettles, but thay come unner the Orkney an Shetland constituency for Wastminster.

Endue tae thair history, the islands haes a Norse, raither nor a Scots Gaelic flavour, an haes historic connections wi the Faroes an Iceland, Denmark an Norrowey.

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Coordinates: 59°50′N 2°00′W / 59.833°N 2.000°W / 59.833; -2.000