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Scots National Pairty

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(Reguidit frae Scots Naitional Pairty)
Scots National Pairty
  • Scottish National Party
  • Pàrtaidh Nàiseanta na h-Alba
LeaderJohn Swinney
Depute leaderKeith Brown
Wastminster Group LeaderNA
Foondit1934 (1934)
Merger o
HeidquartersGordon Lamb House
3 Jackson's Entry
Student weengFederation o Student Naitionalists
Youth weengYoung Scots for Unthirldom
Membership  (2016)Increase 116,000
Poleetical poseetionCentre-left[7][8][9][10]
European affiliationEuropean Free Alliance
European Pairlament groupGreens/EFA
Colours     Yellow
Hoose o Commons
0 / 59
Scots Pairlament[12]
63 / 129
Local govrenment in Scotland[13]
453 / 1,227
Politics o Scotland
Political parties

The Scots National Pairty[14] (SNP) is a poleetical pairty in Scotland, campainin fur Scots unthirldom. It is a social-democratic pairty. Syne the Scots elections in 2007 the pairty wis in minority government in the Scots Pairlament; in 2011, the SNP wun a majority o the seats of this Pairliment. It is the biggest single pairty or bodie in Scotland campainin.

Thay'v 63 seats in the Scots Pairlament an 453 local councillors. The pairty wis wiped oot in the Hoose o Commons in 2024.

The pairty's convener is John Swinney. He is the current First Meenister o Scotland. He succeeded Humza Yousaf, that wis heidyin o the Pairty, an Member o Scots Parliament fur the constituency o Glesga Soothside.


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The pairty wis staiblisht in 1934 frae a comin-thegither o the Naitional Pairty o Scotland an the Scots Pairty. The SNP originally campaignt fur hame rule an a Scots Pairlament[15]. John MacCormick, the then leader, left in 1942 fur tae form the pressure group the Scottish Covenant Association.[15]

It won its first pairlamentary seat in a 1945 by-election (tae the Wastmeinster pairlament).

Thair support reakit a first heich pynt in the Februar 1974 Westminster election, wi 21.9% o the Scots vote.[15]


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The SNP is a centre-left nationalist pairty.[16] Its nationalism is speceefically civic nationalism, i.e. hingin in wi civic institutions an territoritiality.[15] It is parteicular in that cultural or ethnic heritage is rarely mentioned in SNP campagin ads.[15]


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