Hoose o Commons o the Unitit Kinrick

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Hoose o Commons
o the Unitit Kinrick
o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland
Coat of arms or logo
John Bercow
Syne 22 Juin 2009
Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Labour
Syne 8 Juin 2010
Theresa May, Conservative
Syne 13 Julie 2016
Andrea Leadsom, Conservative
Syne 11 Juin 2017
Jeremy Corbyn, Labour
Syne 12 September 2015
Valerie Vaz, Labour
Syne 6 October 2016
UK House of Commons 2017.svg
Poleetical groups
HM Govrenment
     Conservative Pairty (313)
Confidence an supply
     Democratic Unionist Pairty (10)
HM Maist Leal Opposeetion
     Labour Pairty (246)
Ither opposeetion (80)
     Scots Naitional Pairty (35)
     Leeberal Democrats (11)
     Change UK (11)
     Plaid Cymru (4)
     Green Pairty (1)
     Independent (10)
Vacant (1)
     Sinn Féin (7)
Speakers (Unaligned)
     Speaker (1)
Lenth o term
up tae 5 years
Last election
8 Juin 2017
Neist election
bi 5 Mey 2022
RedistrictingRecommendations on hou constituencies shoud be redistrictit is cairied oot bi the fower Boondary Commissions, ane for ilk o the constituent kintras, but Pairlament haes feenal say on the boondaries.
Meeting place
House of Commons Chamber 1.png
Hoose o Commons chaumer
Pailace o Wastmeenster
Ceety o Wastmeenster
Lunnon, Ingland
Unitit Kinrick

The term Hoose o Commons is uised by mony kintras for tae descrive pairt o thair pairlament. In the Unitit Kinrick, the Hoose o Commons is the pairt o the pairlament that haes the maist pouer. It is made up o Memmers o Pairlament waled by the fowk. Whiles it is cried the 'lawer hoose'. (The 'upper hoose' is cried the Hoose o Lairds.) Ither kintras hae pairts o pairlament cried the Hoose o Commons that wirk in the same wey an aw.