BBC News

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BBC News
Depairtment o the BBC
Industry Media
Heidquarters Broadcasting House,
Central Lunnon
, Unitit Kinrick
Aurie served
Speceefic services for Unitit Kinrick an rest o warld
Key fowk
James Harding (Director o News & Current Affairs)
Mary Hockaday (Heid o Newsroom)
Huw Edwards (Chief Presenter)
Services Radio, Internet an televeesion broadcasts
Ainer BBC
Nummer o employees
3,500 (2,000 are jurnalists)
Slogan Live The Story

BBC News is an operational business diveesion[1] o the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) responsible for the gatherin an broadcastin o news an current affairs. The department is the warld's lairgest broadcast news organisation an generates aboot 120 oors o radio an televeesion ootput each day, as well as online news coverage.[2][3] The service maintains 50 foreign news bureaux wi mair nor 250 correspondents aroond the warld.[4]

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