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The dark blue is Wigtounshire atween the years 1975 & 1996
Buik shoap in Wigtoun

Wigtoun (Scots Gaelic: Baile na h-Uige, Inglis: Wigtown) is a toun that caws itsel "Scotland's Naitional Beuk Toun". This comes fae the nineteen beuk shops an furthsetters in the toun, alang wi the ither airtistic shops.

It's locatit in sooth wast Scotland in Dumfries an Gallowa.

The Inglis Naitional Buik Toun is Sedbergh, an the Wallis is Hay-on-Wye.

There's a toun cried "Wigton" in Cumberland an aw, and the twa are aftentimes confusit.

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Coordinates: 54°52′03″N 4°26′38″W / 54.8675°N 4.4439°W / 54.8675; -4.4439