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Whithorn is located in Dumfries and Galloway
Location within Dumfries an Gallowa
Population867 (2001 Census)
OS grid referenceNX445405
• Edinburgh97 mi (156 km)
• Lunnon285 mi (459 km)
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Postcode destrictDG8
Diallin code01988
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
54°44′06″N 4°24′58″W / 54.735°N 4.416°W / 54.735; -4.416Coordinates: 54°44′06″N 4°24′58″W / 54.735°N 4.416°W / 54.735; -4.416

Whithorn (English: /ˈwɪthɔːn/ 'WIT-horn'; (Taigh Mhàrtainn in Gaelic), is a ryal burgh in the historical coonty o Wigtounshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland, aboot 10 mile sooth o Wigtoun.[1] The toun wis the location o the first Christian kirk in Scotland, Candida Casa, "the white (or shinin) hoose" biggit bi Saunt Ringan aroond 397.

Toponymy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mention o Whithorn in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Whithorn wis first kent (in Laitin) as a modren form o the Anglo-Saxon version o this name, Hwit Ærn "white hosue". In Gallowa Gaelic it wis cried Rosnat or Futarna, the latter a version o the Anglo-Saxon name (Gaelic haesna a soond like the English 'wh').[2]

Aicht an twalt centurys[eedit | eedit soorce]

A monastery an diocese o the Anglo-Saxon Kinrick o Northumbrie wis foondit on the site in the 8t century. It wis the revised centre o the See o Gallowa (or o Candida Casa) unner the patronage o Fergus, Laird o Gallowa an Bishop Gille Aldan fae the 12t century. The late-medieval cathedral Whithorn Priory is in ruins, muckle o it haein disappeart completely apairt fae the muckle-altert aisle-less nave an vauts at the umwhile eastren end that aince haudit the shrine o Saunt Ringan, ane o medieval Scotland's major pilgrimage destinations. A museum in the toun conteens artifacts fae the site, that haes been howkit extensive in the last wheen o years. A late-medieval weygate with the airms o the Scots monarchs leads intil the site o the priory, that conteens the 19t-century pairish kirk an a museum o cairved stantes (haint bi Historic Scotland. The collection o early medieval stanes is ane o the lairgest in Scotland, an includes the kintra's earliest survivin Christian memorial, the 5t-centoure insrieved "Latinus Stane". The museum ootset an shawin wis revised and greatly impruived in 2005.

The crozier[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ane o the finest artifacts fund at the site is the Whithorn crozier. The giltit an enamelt crozier is an ootstaundin exemple o champlevé enamels that wis being made in England in the seicont hauf o the 12t century, and this ane dates til aroond 1175.[3] It is noo hoosed in the National Museums o Scotland, awthou it is lent til the Whithorn Trust Veesitors Centre ilka simmer. It is thocht that the crozier wis buirit wi the body o Simon de Wedale that wis ane o the Bishops o Whithorn.

Kirks[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • St Martin an St Ninian Catholic Kirk, George Street, biggit 1959-60. It wis designt bi Harry Stuart Goodhart-Rendel an is his anely kent biggin in Scotland.[1] The ben wis re-ordert wi the altar brocht forrit fae the east waw follaein the reforms o the Seicont Vatican Cooncil. At that time the baldacchino wis demolisht an aw, and the decorous airnwark at the bapteestry an communion rail wrackit. The oreeginal Creetoun granite altar wis place't ootby again the east uplift. A possible soorce o inspiration is the kirk o San Julián de los Prados Oveida, Asturias, Spaingie.[2] The East uplift haes a cairved Hew Lorimer crucifix muntit til the waw. The crucifix haesna forn weel efter puir cleanin in 1997 led tae signeeficant tynin o detail. The kirk includin the quadrant waws is leetit Category C(S).
  • Whithorn Priory
    St Ninian's Priory, Kirk o Scotland. It wis biggit in 1882 uisin stanes fae the medieval Whithorn Priory. The tour wis addit in the mid-19t century. The airchle wis addit bi Peter MacGregor Chalmers in 1914.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Whithorn's link til the sea wis the port kent as the Isle o Whithorn (a separate community fae Whithorn itsel, an actually a peninsula). It wis muckle uised in the Middle Ages bi pilgrims arrivin bi boat. The 13t century Saunt Ringan's Chaipel merkit the place whaur pilgrims cam on the shore (the ruif-less remeens is haint bi Historic Scotland.

The 1t century sattlement o Rispain Camp, aboot ae mile wast o Whithorn, is haint bi Historic Scotland an aw.

St Ninian's Cave is locatit in Physgill Glen on Whithorn.

Railwey[eedit | eedit soorce]

Whithorn wis aince served bi the Whithorn railwey station (appent 1877) until 1950 whan the passenger service wis reteert an the fraucht services fawin veectim til the Beeching cuts in 1964. The track wis liftit in Apryle 1965.[4]

Leetit biggins in Whithorn[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 107 George Street
  • 51 George Street
  • 53 George Street And Entrance To Priory
  • 55-57 (Odd Nos) George Street
  • 65, 67 And 69 George Street, Including Old Town Hall And Bell Tower
  • 77 George Street, The Clydesdale Bank, Walls And Railings
  • 79 George Street
  • 83 George Street
  • 101 George Street
  • 8 George Street
  • 58 George Street
  • 118 George Street
  • 122 George Street
  • 25 St John Street
  • 70 St John Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 66-70 (Even Nos) Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 76-78 (Even Nos) Main Street
  • Reiffer Park With Retaining Walls
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 38 Main Street, Low Isle House
  • Isle Of Whithorn, Isle Parish Church (Church Of Scotland)
  • 71 And 73 George Street
  • 81 George Street
  • 85 George Street
  • 91-93 (Odd Nos) George Street
  • 109 George Street
  • 2 George Street (Corner With St John Street) The Cross House
  • 12-14 (Even Nos) George Street And Rubble Wall To Rear
  • 26 George Street
  • 30-32 (Even Nos) George Street
  • 60 George Street
  • 96 And 98 George Street
  • 102 George Street
  • 112 George Street
  • 114 George Street
  • 126 George Street
  • 33 High Street
  • 53 St John Street, Whithorn Town Hall With Gate, Railings And Quadrant Wall
  • Whithorn Priory
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 24-30 (Even Nos) Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 86 Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 12 Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 14 Main Street
  • Castlewigg Steading, Principal Range
  • Bruce Street, Museum And Custodian's House And Boundary Walls
  • 17 George Street, The Central Cafe
  • 89 George Street
  • 111-113 (Odd Nos) George Street
  • 137 George Street
  • 56 George Street
  • 108 George Street
  • 130 George Street
  • Whithorn Manse
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 80 Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, Isle Castle
  • Isle Of Whithorn, Harbour Row, Warehouses Including Isle Smugglers
  • 11 George Street
  • 28 George Street
  • 52-54 (Even Nos) George Street
  • 94 George Street
  • 120 George Street
  • Whithorn Parish Church, (Church Of Scotland) And Graveyard
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 5 Tonderghie Road
  • Tonderghie House
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 16 Main Street
  • Broughton Mains Farmhouse
  • Isle Of Whithorn, Harbour
  • 7-9 (Odd Nos) George Street
  • 103-105 (Odd Nos) George Street
  • 6 George Street
  • 16-18 (Even Nos) George Street
  • 34 George Street
  • 36 And 38 George Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 20 Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 62 Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 64 Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 72-74 (Even Nos) Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 82 Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 3 Tonderghie Road
  • Isle Of Whithorn, Harbour Row, Harbour House, The Wigtown Bay Sailing Club
  • Castlewigg Castle
  • 5 George Street
  • 19 George Street, The Royal Bank Of Scotland
  • 99 George Street
  • 125-127 (Odd Nos) George Street
  • 129 George Street
  • 70 And 72 George Street
  • 124 George Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 58 Main Street
  • Tonderghie Steadings
  • Isle Of Whithorn, St Ninians Kirk
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 13 Main Street, Captain's Garden, Formerly Sea View
  • 29 George Street And Walled Garden
  • 87 George Street
  • 4 George Street
  • George Street, The Grapes Hotel
  • 22 And 24 George Street
  • 42-44 (Even Nos) George Street
  • 92 George Street
  • 104 George Street
  • 106 George Street
  • 128 George Street
  • 27 St John Street, "The Neuk" And Boundary Walls
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 22 Main Street, The Queens Arms
  • Castlewigg Hotel
  • Isle Of Whithorn, Isle Farm
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 5 Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 88 Main Street
  • 13-15 (Odd Nos) George Street
  • 75 George Street, Registrar's Office
  • 97 George Street
  • 20 George Street
  • 62-64 (Even Nos) George Street
  • Post Office, 68 George Street
  • 100 George Street
  • 110 George Street
  • 116 George Street
  • 22 St John Street, St John's Garage (Former Up Church)
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 60 Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, Sea Breeze And Rosnay, With Sea Wall
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 56 Main Street
  • Isle Of Whithorn, 18 Main Street
  • George Street, St Martin And St Ninian Roman Catholic Church, Including Quadrant Walls

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Namely residenters[eedit | eedit soorce]

Notes an references[eedit | eedit soorce]

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