Kinrick o Northumbrie

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Kinrick o Northumbrie
Norþhymbra rīce
Unifee'd Angle kinrick (afore 876)
North: Angle kinrick (efter 876)
Sooth: Dens kinrick (876–914)
Sooth: Norse kinrick (efter 914)




653–954 Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland.svg
Royal Arms of England.svg
  Extent o Northumbrie in 800
Caipital Northren: Bamburgh
Soothren: York
Leids Auld Inglis, Cumbric, Laitin
Government Monarchy
 -  654–670 Oswiu
 -  dee'd 954 Eric Bluidaix
 -  Established 653
 -  Sooth is annexed bi the Danelaw 876
 -  Sooth is conquered bi Norse warriors 914
 -  Annexed bi Wessex 954
Siller Sceat (peninga)
The day pairt o  Unitit Kinrick
  North East o Ingland
  North Wast o Ingland (except Cheshire)
  Yorkshire an the Humber
  Ceety o Edinburgh
  East Lowden
  West Lothian
  The Mairches

The Kinrick o Northumbrie (Auld Inglis: Norþhymbra rīce, "kinrick o the Northumbrians") wis a medieval Anglian kinrick in whit is nou northren Ingland an sooth-east Scotland, that subsequently becam an yarldom in a unifee'd Inglis kinrick.

Coordinates: 55°00′N 2°30′W / 55.000°N 2.500°W / 55.000; -2.500