Kinrick o Ingland

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Kinrick o Ingland
1649–1660: Commonwealth
Coat o airms
Motto: Dieu et mon droit (French)
"God an my richt"
The Kinrick o Ingland in 1603.
The Kinrick o Ingland in 1603.
Status Personal union wi the Kinrick o Scotland
(1603–1649 / 1660–1707)
Caipital Winchester (afore 1066)
Lunnon (efter 1066)
Common leids Auld Inglish (de facto, til 1066)
Auld Norse (de facto, til 12t century)
Norman-French (de jure, 1066 – 15t century)
Middle Inglish (de facto, 1066 – late 15t century)
Inglish (de facto, frae 16t century)
Welsh (de facto)
Cornish (de facto)
Releegion Roman Catholic til 1533 an frae 1553 tae 1558; Anglican frae 1533 tae 1553 an frae 1558 onwards
Govrenment Absolute monarchy (before 1215)
Semi-constitutional monarchy (1215–1649, 1660–1689)
Constitutional monarchy (1689–1707)
• 927–939
Æthelstan (first)
• 1702–1707
Anne (last)
Legislatur Parliament
Hoose o Lords
Hoose o Commons
12 Julie 927
24 Mairch 1603
11 December 1688
1 Mey 1707
1603 151,174 km2 (58,369 sq mi)
Currency Poond sterling
ISO 3166 code GB-ENG
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Kinrick o Wessex
Kinrick o Mercia
Kinrick o East Anglia
Kinrick o Northumbria
Commonwealth o Ingland
Kinrick o Great Breetain
The day pairt o  Unitit Kinrick
( Ingland an Wales)

The Kinrick o Ingland (Inglis: Kingdom of England) wis a sovereign state in Wastren Europe. It wis the land in the sooth o the island o Great Breetain. It is nou twa hame naitions. The present hame naitions that war pairt o the Kinrick o Ingland are Ingland an Wales.