Norman leid

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Native tae

Umwhile uised:

RegionNormandy an the Channel Islands
Native speakers
Unkent (2017)
Early form
Latin (French orthography)
Leid codes
ISO 639-3nrf (partial: Guernésiais & Jèrriais)
Glottolognorm1245  Normand[2]
Linguasphere51-AAA-hc & 51-AAA-hd
Airts whaur the Norman leid is strangest the day include Jersey, Guernsey, the Cotentin an the Pays de Caux.

Norman or Norman French (Mainland Norman: Normaund, French: Normand, Guernésiais: Normand, Jèrriais: Nouormand) is aither a French byleid or a Romance leid an yin o the Oïl leids alang wi French, Picard, an Walloon.

Historie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Whan Vikings fae modren day Denmark, Norawa, Swaden, an Iceland wun tae the auld province o Neustria an sattelt the laund that becam kent as Normandy, thir Germanic spikkin fowk cam tae bide amang a local Romance spikkin group. In time, the commonties cam thegither, sae that the name Normandy wis keept bit the springheid Normans war assimilatit by the Gallo-Romance fowk, taen thair speech. Later, whan ower halin Ingland, the Norman rulers woud hinderly assimilate, thareby taen the speech o the local Inglis fowk. Houaniver, in baith cases, the elites contreebutit pairts o thair ain leid tae the newly makkit leids that developit in thair reenges.

In Normandy, the Norman leid heirt ainly aboot 150 wirds fae Auld Norse. The influence on phonologie is disputit, awtho hit is argied that the haudin o aspiratit /h/ an /k/ in Norman is fae Norse influence.

Geografical distreebution[eedit | eedit soorce]

Norman is spakken in mainland Normandy in Fraunce, whaur hit haes no offeecial status, bit is clessed as a regional leid. Hit is leart in a puckle colleges naur Cherbourg-Octeville.

In the Channel Islands, the Norman leid haes developit sindry, bit no in isolation, tae mak:

The Breetish an Erse govrenments recognise Jèrriais an Guernésiais as regional leids wi'in the framewark o the Breetish–Erse Cooncil. Sercquiais cam aboot fae the 16t yearhunner Jèrriais uised by the springheid sattlers fae Jersey thit muived tae the island.

The last native spikkers o Auregnais, the byleid spakken on Alderney, dee'd in the 20t yearhunner, awtho some mynders are alive yit. The byleid o Herm dee'd at an unkent date forby.

An isogloss cried the "Joret line" (ligne Joret) spleets the northren an soothren byleids o the Norman leid.

Three different staundartised spellins are uised: continental Norman, Jèrriais, an Dgèrnésiais. Thir represent the different developments an particular leeterar histories o the varieties o Norman. Norman can tharefore be descrived as a pluricentric leid.

The Anglo-Norman byleid o Norman sert as a leid o admeenistration in Ingland follaein the Norman conquest o Ingland in 1066. This left a legacy o Law French in the leid o Inglis coorts. In Ireland, Norman remeened strangest in the airt o sootheast Ireland, whaur the Hiberno-Normans invadit in 1169. Norman remeens in (limitit) uise fur some gey formal legal purposes in the UK, sic as whan the monarch gies ryal assent tae an Act o Pairlament uisin the rame "La Reyne (le Roy) le veult" ("The Queen (the Keeng) wills hit").

The Norman conquest o soothren Italy in the 11t an 12t yearhunners brocht the leid tae Sicily an the soothren airts o the Italian peninsula, whaur hit left a puckle wirds in the Sicilian leid.

Leeteratur in Norman reenges fae early Anglo-Norman leeteratur throu the 19t yearhunner Norman leeterar writers.

As o 2017, the leid remeens strangest in the less aiccessible airts o the umwhile Duchy o Normandy: the Channel Islands an the Cotentin Peninsula (Cotentinais) in the wast, an the Pays de Caux (Cauchois byleid) in the east.

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