Kinrick o Sicily

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Kinrick o Sicily
Regnum Siciliae (in Laitin)
Regno di Sicilia (in Italian)
Azure, a bend coonter-compony gules an argent
Azure, a bend coonter-compony gules an argent

Banner Coat o airms
The Kinrick o Sicily as it existit at the daith o its foonder, Roger II o Sicily, in 1154
Leids Laitin, Sicilian, Neapolitan, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Maltese
Releegion Roman Catholicism an Greek Orthodoxy,
Government Absolute monarchy
 -  1130-1154 Roger II
 -  1266-1282 Charles I o Anjou
 -  1759-1816 Ferdinand III
 -  Coronation o Roger 1130
 -  Sicilian Vespers 1282
 -  Twa Sicilies 1816
Siller Sicilian piastra
The day pairt o  Italy

The Kinrick o Sicily (Italian: Regno di Sicilia, Laitin: Regnum Siciliae, Sicilian: Regnu di Sicilia, Neapolitan: Regno 'e Sicilia, Catalan: Regne de Sicília (Auld Catalan: Regne de Cecília), Spainyie: Reino de Sicilia) wis a state that existit in the sooth o Italy frae its foondin bi Roger II in 1130 till 1816. It wis a successor state o the Coonty o Sicily, which haed been foondit in 1071 during the Norman conquest o soothren Italy. Till 1282 the Kinrick (sometimes cried the regnum Apuliae et Siciliae) covered nae anly the island o Sicily, but an aa the whole Mezzogiorno region o soothren Italy an the Maltese airchipelago. The island wis dividit intae three regions: Val di Mazara, Val Demone an Val di Noto.