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Guernésiais, kent as Dgèrnésiais, Guernsey French, an Guernsey Norman French an aw, is the variety o the Norman leid spaken in Guernsey. It is sometimes kent on the island bi the semi-disparagin name "patois". As ane o the Oïl leids, it haes its roots in Latin, but haes haed strang influence frae baith Norse an Inglis at different points in its history.

There is intercomprehension (wi some difficulty) wi Jèrriais-speakers frae Jersey an Norman-speakers frae mainland Normandy. Guernésiais maist closely resembles the Norman dialect o La Hague in the Cotentin Peninsulae (Cotentinais).

Guernésiais haes been influenced less bi French than haes Jèrriais, but conversely haes been influenced tae a greater extent bi Inglis. New wirds hae been importit for modern phenomena "le bike", "le gas-cooker".