Norse leid

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The approximate extent o Auld Norse an sibleids in the early 10t century:
   Auld Wast Norse byleid
   Auld Aest Norse byleid
   Auld Gutnish byleid
   Ither Germanic leids that Auld Norse hauds some mutual intelligibility wi

Norse or Norawa (norsk) is a Germanic leid spak mainly in Norawa, whaur it is an offeecial leid. Thegether wi Swadish an Dens, Norse forms a continuum o mair or less mutually intelligible local an regional variants (c.f. Scots-Inglis byleid continuum).

Thir continental Scandinavian leids thegether wi the insular leids Faroese an Icelandic, an some deid leids, constitutes the North Germanic leids (cried Scandinavie leids an aw). Faroese an Icelandic is nae langer mutually intelligible wi Norse in thair spoken form, acause continental Scandinavie haes diverged frae them.