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Pennsylvanie German, Pennsylvanie Dutch
Deitsch, Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch
Native taeUnitit States, Canadae
RegionUnitit States:


Ither pairts o North Americae an sum auries o Central Americae
EthnicityPennsylvanie Dutch
Native speakers
147,000 (2012-2016 American Community Survey)[1]
tae 350,000 (2012)[2] (L2 speakers: aroond 3,000)
Leid codes
ISO 639-3pdc
Blue: The coonties wi the hiechist proportion o Pennsylvanish spikkers.
Reid: The coonties wi the heichist nummer o Pennsylvanish spikkers.
Purpie: The coonties wi baith the heichest proportion an heichist nummer o Pennsylvanish spikkers.
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Pennsylvanish (Pensylvanish: Pennsilfaanisch-Deitsch; cried Pennsylvanie German or Pennsylvanie Dutch an aw) is a byleid o Wast Central German relatit tae the Palatine byleids, spakken by the Auld Order Amish, Auld Order Mennonites an ither fowk o German forebeirs in the Unitit States an Canadae. Hit is said that thare are aroond 300,000 fowk that spik hit as thair mither leid.

Hit wis tradeetionally a byleid o the Pennsylvanie Dutch fowk, descendants o late 17t an early 18t yeirhunner incomers tae Pennsylvanie, Maryland, Virginie, Wast Virginie, an North Carolina fae soothren Germany, eastren Fraunce, an Swisserland.

Spikkers o the byleid the dey maistly live in Pennsylvanie, Ohio, Indiana, an ither Midwastren states o the Unitit States, an in Ontario in Canadae forby. Historically, the byleid wis spakken in mony ither auries whaur uissage o the byleid haes lawered.


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