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This is aboot the U.S. state. For the ceety see New York Ceety. For ither uises, see New York (disambiguation).
New York
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Offeecial leid Nane; Inglis de facto
Caipital Albany
Lairgest ceety New York Ceety
Governor Andrew Cuomo
 - Tot
 - % watter
Ranked 27t US
54,555 km²
 - Tot (2007)
 - Density
Ranked 3t US
Admeesion to Union 26 Julie, 1788
Siller Dollar ($) (USD)
Time zone Eastren
Shortenins NY, US-NY

New York (/njuː ˈjɔrk/; locally [nɪu ˈjoək] or [nuː ˈjɔrk]) is a state in the Mid-Atlantic an Northeastren regions o the Unitit States an is the nation's thrid maist populous. The state haes laundmairches wi New Jersey an Pennsylvania tae the sooth, an Connecticut, Massachusetts an Vermont tae the east. The state haes a maritime mairch wi Rhode Island east o Long Island, as weel as an international mairch wi the Canadian provinces o Ontario tae the wast, an Quebec tae the north. New York is aft referred tae as New York State tae distinguish it frae New York Ceety.

New York Ceety, whilk is geographically the lairgest ceety in the state an maist populous in the Unitit States, is weel-kent for its history as a yett for immigration tae the Unitit States o Americae an its status as a financial, cultural, transportation, an manufacturin centre. Accordin tae the U.S. Department o Commerce, it is a destination o chyce for mony fremd veesitors an aw. Baith state an ceety war named efter the 17t century Duke o York, James Stuart, futur James VII o Scotland an II o Ingland.

In the bygane New York wis cried New Amsterdam, an wis pairt o the New Netherlands acause the Dutch that conquered an bocht it oreeginally. The Inglis made weir tae tak it ower an American sodgers an aw: the Inglis won the battle.

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Ratified Constitution on July 26, 1788 (11th)
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