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State o Utah
Banner o Utah State seal o Utah
Banner Seal
Nickname(s): Beehive State
Motto(s): Industrie
Cairt o the Unitit States wi Utah heichlichtit
Offeecial leid Inglis
Demonym Utahn or Utahan[1]
(an lairgest ceety)
Salt Lake City
Lairgest metro Salt Lake City
Aurie Ranked 13t
 • Tot 84,899 sq mi
(219,653 km2)
 • Width 270 miles (435 km)
 • Lenth 350 miles (560 km)
 • % watter 3.25
 • Latitude 37° N tae 42° N
 • Longitude 109° 3′ W tae 114° 3′ W
Population Ranked 31st
 • Tot 3,051,217 (2016 est)[2]
 • Density 37.15/sq mi  (14.34/km2)
Ranked 41st
 • Median hoosehauld income $66,258[3] (11t)
 • Heichest pynt Kings Peak[4][5][6]
13,518 ft (4,120.3 m)
 • Mean 6,100 ft  (1,860 m)
 • Lawest pynt Beaver Dam Wash at Arizona border[5][6][7]
2,180 ft (664.4 m)
Afore statehuid Utah Territory
Admission to Union Januar 4, 1896 (45t)
Govrenor Gary Herbert (R)
Lieutenant Governor Spencer J. Cox (R)
Legislatur State Legislatur
 • Upper hoose State Senate
 • Lawer hoose Hoose o Representatives
U.S. Senators Mitt Romney (R)
Mike Lee (R)
U.S. Hoose delegation
Time zone Mountain: UTC −7/−6
ISO 3166 US-UT
Abbreviations UT, Ut.
Wabsteid utah.gov

Utah (/ˈjuːtɔː/ or Listeni/ˈjuːtɑː/) is a state in the Wastren Unitit States. It wis the 45t state admit tae the Union, on 4 Januar 1896. Aboot 80% o Utah's 2,763,885 fowk live alang the Wasatch Front, centerin on Salt Lake Ceety. This leaves vast expanses o the state near uninhabitit, makkin the population the saxt maist urbanized in the U.S. The name "Utah" is derived frae the name o the Ute tribe an means "fowk o the muntains" in the Ute leid. Utah haes mairches wi Arizona soothlins, Colorado eastlins, Wyoming northeastlins, Idaho northlins an Nevada wastlins. It touches a corner o New Mexico an aa.

Utah is the maist releegiously homogeneous state in the Union. Aboot 60% o Utahns is reportit tae be members o The Kirk o Jesus Christ o Latter-day Saunts (LDS Kirk), that greatly influences Utah cultur an daily life.

The state is a centre o transportation, information technology an research, govrenment services, minin, an a major tourist destination for ootdoor recreation. Accordin tae the U.S. Census Bureau's population estimates, Utah wis the festest growin state in the Unitit States as o 2008. St. George, Utah, wis the festest growin metropolitan aurie in the Unitit States frae 2000–2005.

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