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State of Arizona
Banner o Arizona State seal o Arizona
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): The Grand Canyon State;
The Copper State
Motto(s): Ditat Deus
Cairt o the Unitit States wi Arizona heichlichtit
Offeecial leid Inglis
Spoken leids English 72.58%[1]
Spanish 21.57%[1]
Navajo 1.54%[1]
Demonym Arizonan[2]
(an lairgest ceety)
Lairgest metro Phoenix Metropolitan Aurie
Aurie Ranked 6t
 • Tot 113,990[3] sq mi
(295,234 km2)
 • Width 310 miles (500 km)
 • Lenth 400 miles (645 km)
 • % watter 0.35
 • Latitude 31°  20′ North tae 37° North
 • Longitude 109°  03′ Wast tae 114°  49′ Wast
Population Ranked 16t
 • Tot 6,482,505 (2011 est)[4]
 • Density 57/sq mi  (22/km2)
Ranked 33rd
 • Heichest pynt Humphreys Peak[5][6][7]
12,637 ft (3852 m)
 • Mean 4,100 ft  (1250 m)
 • Lawest pynt Colorado River at the Sonora border[6][7]
72 ft (22 m)
Admission to Union 14 Februar 1912 (48t)
Govrenor Doug Ducey (R)
Secretary o State Ken Bennett (R)
Legislatur Arizona Legislature
 • Upper hoose Senate
 • Lawer hoose House of Representatives
U.S. Senators Vacant
Jeff Flake (R)
U.S. Hoose delegation Five Republicans and three Democrats (leet)
Time zones  
 • Maist o state Mountain: UTC-7
 • Navajo Nation Muntain: UTC-7/-6
ISO 3166 US-AZ
Abbreviations AZ, Ariz.

Arizona (Listeni/ˌærˈznə/; Navajo: Hoozdo Hahoodzo [xòːztò xɑ̀xòːtsò]; O'odham: Alĭ ṣonak [ˡaɺi ˡʂonak]) is a U.S. state in the soothwastren region o the Unitit States. It is an aw pairt o the Wastren an the Moontain states. It is the saxt lairgest an the 14t maist populous o the 50 states. Its caipital an lairgest ceety is Phoenix. Arizona is ane o the Fower Corners states. Arizona is mairchit bi New Mexico tae the east, Utah tae the north, Nevada an Californie tae the wast, an Mexico tae the sooth, as weel as the soothwastren corner o Colorado. Arizona's mairch wi Mexico is 389 miles (626 km) lang, on the northren border o the Mexican states o Sonora an Baja California.

Arizona is the 48t state an last o the contiguous states ae be admittit tae the Union, achievin stateheid on 14 Februar 1912, coincidin wi Valentine's Day. Historically pairt o the territory o Alta California in New Spain, it becam pairt o independent Mexico in 1821. Efter bein defeatit in the Mexican–American War, Mexico cedit muckle o this territory tae the Unitit States in 1848. The soothrenmost portion o the state wis acquired in 1853 throu the Gadsden Purchase.

Soothren Arizona is kent for its desert climate, wi verra het simmers an mild winters. Northren Arizona featurs forests o pine, Douglas fir, an spruce trees; the Colorado Plateau; some moontain ranges (sic as the San Francisco Moontains); as weel as lairge, deep canyons, wi muckle mair moderate simmer temperaturs an signeeficant winter snawfaws. Thare are ski resorts in the auries o Flagstaff, Alpine, an Tucson. In addeetion tae the Grand Canyon Naitional Pairk, thare are several national forests, naitional pairks, an naitional monuments.

Aboot ane-quarter o the state[8] is made up o Indie reservations that serve as the hame o 27 federally recognised Native American tribes, includin the Navajo Naition, the lairgest in the state an the Unitit States, wi mair nor 300,000 ceetizens. Awtho federal law gae aw Native Americans the richt tae vote in 1924, Arizona excludit thae leevin on reservations frae votin till its state Supreme Coort ruled in 1948 in favour o Native American plaintiffs.[9][10]

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Coordinates: 34°N 112°W / 34°N 112°W / 34; -112