Unitit States Hoose o Representatives

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Unitit States Hoose o Representatives
116t Unitit States Congress
Seal o the U.S. Hoose o Representatives
Seal of the Hoose
Banner o the Unitit States Hoose o Representatives
Banner o the Hoose
Lawer hoose o the Unitit States Congress
Term leemits
New session stairtit
3 Januar 2019 (2019-01-03)
Nancy Pelosi (D)
Syne 3 Januar 2019
Steny Hoyer (D)
Syne 3 Januar 2019
Kevin McCarthy (R)
Syne 3 Januar 2019
Jim Clyburn (D)
Syne 3 Januar 2019
Steve Scalise (R)
Syne 3 Januar 2019
Don Young (R)
Syne 5 December 2017
Seats435 votin members
6 non-votin members
1 Vacant
(116th) US House of Representatives.svg
Poleetical groups
Majority (233)
     Democratic (233)

Minority (196)

     Republican (196)

Other (1)

     Leebertarian (1)[1]

Vacant (5)

     Vacant (5)
Lenth o term
Twa years
Last election
6 November 2018
Neist election
3 November 2020
RedistrictingState legislaturs or redestrictin commissions, varies bi state
Meeting place
United States House of Representatives chamber.jpg
Hoose o Representatives chamber
Unitit States Capitol
Washington, D.C., Unitit States

The Unitit States Hoose o Representatives is ane o the twa hooses o the Unitit States Congress (a bicameral legislatur) alangside the Senate.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Welch, Matt (29 Apryle 2020). "Justin Amash Becomes the First Libertarian Member of Congress". Reason. Retrieved 29 Apryle 2020.

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