Democratic Pairty (Unitit States)

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Democratic Pairty
Chairperson Tom Perez
Senate leader Minority Leader
Chuck Schumer (NY)
Hoose leader Minority Leader
Nancy Pelosi (CA)
Chair o Govrenors Association Dan Malloy (CT)
Foondit 1828 (modern)
1792 (historical)
Heidquarters 430 South Capital Street SE,
Washington, D.C., 20003
Student wing College Democrats o Americae
Youth wing Young Democrats o Americae
Ideology Liberalism (American)
Internal factions:
 • Social liberalism
 • Progressivism
 • Ceevil libertarianism
 • Third Way/Centrism
 • Conservatism
 • Labor unionism
 • Christian left
 • Social democracy
 • Keynesianism
 • Liberal internationalism
Internaitional affiliation Alliance o Democrats,
Progressive Alliance
Colours      Blue
Seats in the Senate
47 / 100
Seats in the Hoose
193 / 435
16 / 50
State Upper Hoose Seats
804 / 1,972
State Lawer Hoose Seats
2,339 / 5,411
Territorial Govrenorships
2 / 6
Territorial Upper Chamber Seats
31 / 97
Territorial Lawer Chamber Seats
0 / 91

The Democratic Pairty (Inglis: Democratic Party) is ane o the twa major contemporary poleetical pairties in the Unitit States, alang wi the Republican Pairty.

Democratic Preses[eedit | eedit soorce]

Preses durin the 1800s
Preses durin the 1900s
Preses durin the 2000s

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