Martin Van Buren

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Martin Van Buren
Photograph bi Brady, c. 1855-58
8t Preses o the Unitit States
In office
4 Mairch 1837 – 4 Mairch 1841
Vice PresesRichard Mentor Johnson
Precedit biAndrew Jackson
Succeedit biWilliam Henry Harrison
8t Vice Preses o the Unitit States
In office
4 Mairch 1833 – 4 Mairch 1837
PresesAndrew Jackson
Precedit biJohn C. Calhoun
Succeedit biRichard Mentor Johnson
13t Unitit States Meenister tae the Unitit Kinrick
In office
8 August 1831 – 4 Aprile 1832
PresesAndrew Jackson
Precedit biLouis McLane
Succeedit biAaron Vail (actin)
10t Unitit States Secretar o State
In office
28 Mairch 1829 – 23 Mey 1831
PresesAndrew Jackson
Precedit biHenry Clay
Succeedit biEdward Livingston
9t Govrenor o New York
In office
1 Januar 1829 – 12 Mairch 1829
LieutenantEnos T. Throop
Precedit biNathaniel Pitcher
Succeedit biEnos T. Throop
Unitit States Senator
frae New York
In office
4 Mairch 1821 – 20 December 1828
Precedit biNathan Sanford
Succeedit biCharles E. Dudley
1st Attorney General o New York
In office
17 Februar 1815 – 8 Julie 1819
Precedit biAbraham Van Vechten
Succeedit biThomas J. Oakley
Member o the New York Senate
In office
Precedit biEdward Philip Livingston
Succeedit biJohn Miller
Surrogate o Columbia Coonty
In office
Precedit biJames I. Van Alen
Succeedit biJames Vanderpoel
Personal details
BornMaarten Van Buren
5 December 1782(1782-12-05)
Kinderhook, New York, U.S.
Dee'd24 Julie 1862(1862-07-24) (aged 79)
Kinderhook, New York, U.S.
Cause o daithBronchial asthma, hert failyie
Restin placeKinderhook Reformed Church Cemetery
Poleetical pairty
Spoose(s)Hannah Hoes (m. 1807; d. 1819)
Bairns5, includin Abraham, John
SignaturPrint signature in ink
Eikname(s)Little Van, Old Kinderhook, The Little Magician, The Red Fox of Kinderhook,[1] Martin van Ruin,[2] The Mistletoe Politician[3][a]

Martin Van Buren (born the 5t December 1782 in Kinderhook, New York – dee'd the 24t o Julie 1862, in his born-ceety) wis a lawyer an an American politeecer, o Dutch descent, wha wis the aicht prese o the Unitit States o Americae. He wis electit far juist ae mandate frae 1837 tae 1841, tae succeed tae Andrew Jackson. He wis the first preses o the Unitit States tae be born american, aw the anes afore were British-born.

Martin Van Buren, 8t preses o the Unitit States.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

His parents hae a tavern an a ferm wi help o som sclaves. His eddication is limit tae a communal schuil o his bairn-ceety.

In 1796, he works as screever bi an advocate whar he lears the recht as an autodidact; he is admit tae the court o New York in 1803. He succeeds in this wark throu twanty-five year.

He wis elect as a candidate far the Democrat-Republican pairty, ane o the first pairties o the Unitit States. Efter his election, he becomes member o the Democrat pairty.

Jack o aw trades, handy in the airt o diplomacy, tae integrate the Floridas in the Union, he proposes tae interdict the importation o new sclaves while keepin thaim livin thar: this position please baith Soothren states, partisans o sclavery, an Northern states, anti-sclavery.

As a vice-preses, Martin Van Buren presidit the Senate. He brocht wi him twa shared guns acause o his naitural fear tae be murthert.

He died in peace at hame at echty year auld.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The "mistletoe" nickname wis inspired bi the fact that mistletoe is a parasitic plant that attaches itsel tae a host tree tae survive. Comparin Van Buren tae mistletoe implee'd that he advanced poleetically anerly throu his connection tae the "Old Hickory" tree, that representit Andrew Jackson. This idea wis common in Whig propaganda pieces, an an aw seen in poleetical comics sic as The Rejected Minister, whaur Van Buren is shawn bein cairied intae office bi Jackson.

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