Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day
Antique Valentine 1909 01.jpg
1909 Valentine's caird
An aa called Saunt Valentine's Day or the Feast o Saunt Valentine
Observed bi Fowk in mony kintras;
Anglican Communion (see calendar)
Lutheran Kirk (see calendar)
Teep Christian, cultural, commercial
Signeeficance Feast day o Saunt Valentine; the celebration o luve an affection
Observances Sendin greeting cairds an gifts, datin, kirk services
Frequency annual

Valentine's Day, an aa cried Saunt Valentine's Day or the Feast o Saunt Valentine,[1] is an annual haliday celebratit on Februar 14. It oreeginatit as a Wastren Christian liturgical feast day honourin ane or mair early saunts named Valentinus, an is recognised as a signeeficant cultural an commercial celebration in mony regions aroond the warld, awtho it isna a public haliday in ony kintra.

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