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This airticle is aboot the U.S. state o Nevada. For ither uisses, see Nevada (disambiguation).
State of Nevada
Banner o Nevada State seal o Nevada
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): Silver State (official);
Sagebrush State; Battle Born State
Motto(s): All For Our Country
Cairt o the Unitit States wi Nevada heichlichtit
Offeecial leid De jure: Nane
De facto: Inglis
Demonym Nevadan
Caipital Carson City
Lairgest ceety Las Vegas
Lairgest metro Las Vegas metropolitan area
Aurie Ranked 7t
 • Tot 110,622 sq mi
(286,367 km2)
 • Width 322 miles (519 km)
 • Lenth 492 miles (787 km)
 • Latitude 35° N tae 42° N
 • Longitude 114° 2′ W tae 120° W
Population Ranked 35t
 • Tot 2,723,322 (2011 est)[1]
 • Density 24.8/sq mi  (9.57/km2)
Ranked 42nt
 • Median hoosehauld income $56,361 (15th)
 • Heichest pynt Boundary Peak[2][3][4][5]
13,147 ft (4007.1 m)
 • Mean 5,500 ft  (1680 m)
 • Lawest pynt Colorado River at Californie border[3][4]
481 ft (147 m)
Afore statehuid Nevada Territory
Admission to Union 31 October 1864 (36t)
Govrenor Brian Sandoval (R)
Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison (R)
Legislatur Nevada Legislatur
 • Upper hoose Senate
 • Lawer hoose Assembly
U.S. Senators Catherine Cortez Masto (D)
Dean Heller (R)
U.S. Hoose delegation 1: Dina Titus (D)
2: Mark Amodei (R)
3: Jacky Rosen (D) (leet)
Time zones  
 • maist o state Pacific: UTC-8/-7
 • West Wendover Muntain: UTC-7/-6
ISO 3166 US-NV
Abbreviations NV, Nev.

Nevada (Listeni/nəˈvædə/ or /nəˈvɒdə/) is a state in the wastren, muntain wast, an soothwastren regions o the Unitit States. Nevada is the 7t maist extensive, the 35t maist populous, an the 9t least densely populatit o the 50 Unitit States. Ower twa-thirds o Nevada's fowk live in ane single coonty, Clark Coonty, which contains the Las Vegas–Paradise metropolitan aurie,[6] whaur the state's three lairgest incorporatit ceeties are locatit.[7] Nevada's caipital is Carson City.

Nevada is lairgely desert an semiarid, wi hintle o it locatit athin the Great Basin. Auries sooth o the Great Basin are locatit athin the Mojave Desert, while Lake Tahoe an the Sierra Nevada muntains lee on the wastren edge. Approximately 86% o the state's land is awned bi the US govrenment unner various jurisdictions, baith civilian an militar.[8]

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Precedit bi
West Virginia
Leet o U.S. states bi date o statehuid
Admitted on 31 October 1864 (36t)
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