Great Plains

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Great Plains
The Great Plains States
View o the Great Plains near Lincoln, Nebraska
Kintra  Unitit States
Coordinates 37°N 97°W / 37°N 97°W / 37; -97Coordinates: 37°N 97°W / 37°N 97°W / 37; -97
Lenth 3,200 km (1,988 mi)
Width 800 km (497 mi)
Area 1,300,000 km2 (501,933 sq mi)
Approximate extent o the Great Plains[1]

The Great Plains (whiles semply "the Plains") is the braid expanse o flat laund (a plain), muckler o it kivert in prairie, steppe, an gressland, that lies wast o the Mississippi River tawgress prairie in the Unitit States and east o the Rocky Muntains in the U.S. an Canadae. It embraces:

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