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A red flag with a large Union Jack in the upper left corner and a shield, consisting of St. George's Cross over a left-facing bison standing on a rock, on the right side A central shield depicting a bison standing on a rock, under a St George's Cross. On top of the shield sits a helmet decorated with a red and white billowing veil. On top of the helmet sits a beaver with a crown on its back, holding a prairie crocus. To the right of the shield is a rearing white unicorn wearing a collar of white and green maple leaves, from which hangs a green cart-wheel pendant. To the left of the shield is a rearing white horse wearing a collar of Indian beadwork, from which hangs a green cycle of life medallion. The animals and shield stand on a mound, with a wheat field beneath the unicorn, prairie crocuses beneath the shield, and spruces beneath the horse. Beneath the mound are white and blue waves, under which is an orange scroll bearing the words "GLORIOSUS ET LIBER"
Banner Coat o airms
Motto: Laitin: Gloriosus et Liber
("Glorious and free")
Map showing the location of Manitoba, in the centre of Southern Canada
Caipital Winnipeg
Lairgest ceety Winnipeg
Lairgest metro Winnipeg
Offeecial leids Inglis & French (de jure)
Demonym Manitoban
Type Constitutional monarchy
Lieutenant Govrenor Philip S. Lee
Premier Greg Selinger (NDP)
Legislatur Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
Federal representation In Canadian pairlament
Hoose seats 14 o 308 (4.5%)
Senate seats 6 o 105 (5.7%)
Confederation 15 Julie 1870 (5t)
Aurie  Ranked 8th
Total 649,950 km2 (250,950 sq mi)
Laund 548,360 km2 (211,720 sq mi)
Watter (%) 101,593 km2 (39,225 sq mi) (15.6%)
Proportion o Canadae 6.5% o 9,984,670 km2
Population  Ranked 5t
Total (2011) 1,208,268 [1]
Densitie (2011) 2.2/km2 (5.7/sq mi)
GDP  Ranked 6t
Total (2009) C$50.973  billion[2]
Per caipita C$38,001 (8t)
Postal MB
ISO 3166-2 CA-MB
Time zone UTC–6, (DST −5)
Postal code prefix R
  Prairie Crocus
Picea glauca Fairbanks.jpg
  White Spruce
Great Gray Owl - Bird of Prey exhibit at Waddington Air Show - - 1570223.jpg
  Great Grey Owl
Rankins include aw provinces an territories

Manitoba is a province o Canadae. The province, wi an aurie o 649,950 square kilometres (250,900 sq mi), haes a lairgely continental climate acause o its flat topography. Agricultur, maistly concentratit in the fertile soothren an wastren pairts o the province, is vital tae the province's economy; ither major industries are transportation, manufacturin, minin, forestry, energy, an tourism.

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