Newfoundland an Labrador

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Newfundland an Labrador
Banner o Newfundland an Labrador Coat o airms o Newfundland an Labrador
Banner Coat o airms
Motto: Quaerite prime regnum Dei
Inglis: Seek ye first the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33)
Caipital St. John's
Lairgest ceety St. John's
Lairgest metro St. John's CMA
Offeecial leids Inglis (de facto)
Demonym Newfundlander, Labradorian (see notes),[1]
Type Constitutional monarchy
Lieutenant-Govrenor Frank Fagan
Premier Tom Marshall (PC)
Legislatur Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly
Federal representation In Canadian pairlament
Hoose seats 7 o 308 (2.3%)
Senate seats 6 o 105 (5.7%)
Confederation 31 Mairch 1949 (12t)
Aurie  Ranked 10t
Total 405,212 km2 (156,453 sq mi)
Laund 373,872 km2 (144,353 sq mi)
Watter (%) 31,340 km2 (12,100 sq mi) (7.7%)
Proportion o Canadae 4.1% o 9,984,670 km2
Population  Ranked 9t
Total (2011) 514,536 (2011)[2]
Densitie (2011) 1.38/km2 (3.6/sq mi)
GDP  Ranked 9t
Total (2008) C$31,277 million[3]
Per caipita C$61,670[4] (4t)
Postal NL (formerly NF)
ISO 3166-2 CA-NL
Time zone UTC−3.5 for Newfoundland
UTC−4 for Labrador (Black Tickle an North)
Postal code prefix A
  Pitcher plant
Picea mariana.jpg
  Black Spruce
Puffin (2).jpg
  Atlantic Puffin
Rankins include aw provinces an territories

Newfundland an Labrador /ˈnjuːfʊnlænd ænd ˈlæbrədɔːr/,[5] local pronunciation[6] /nfənˈlæn/ is the eastmaist province o Canadae. Situatit in the kintra's Atlantic region, it incorporates the island o Newfundland an mainland Labrador (locatit Northwast o the island) wi a combined aurie o 405,212 square kilometres (156,500 sq mi). As o 2011, the province's population is 514,536.[2] Approximately 94 percent o the province's population resides on the Island of Newfoundland (includin its associatit smawer islands), o which ower hauf live on the Avalon Peninsulae. The province is Canadae's maist linguistically homogenous, an 97.6% o residents reportit Inglis as their mither tongue in the 2006 census[7], housomeivver this is the unique local dialect, Newfundland Inglis. Historically, Newfoundland wis hame tae unique varieties o French, an Erse an aw, as well as the Beothuk leid, aw nou extinct. In Labrador, local dialects o Innu-aimun an Inuktitut are spoken an aw.

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  1. Although the term "Newfie" is sometimes used in casual speech, it is considered a pejorative by some Newfundlanders.
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