Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia
Nouvelle-Écosse (French)
Alba Nuadh (Gaelic)
Banner Coat o airms
Motto: Munit Haec et Altera Vincit
(Laitin: Ane defends an the ither conquers)
Caipital Halifax
Lairgest ceety Halifax
Lairgest metro Halifax
Offeecial leids Inglis (de facto)
Demonym Nova Scotian
Type Constitutional monarchy
Lieutenant-Govrernor John James Grant
Premier Darrell Dexter (NDP)
Legislatur Nova Scotia House of Assembly
Federal representation In Canadian pairlament
Hoose seats 11 o 308 (3.6%)
Senate seats 10 o 105 (9.5%)
Confederation 1 Julie 1867 (1st, wi ON, QC, NB)
Aurie  Ranked 12th
Total 55,283 km2 (21,345 sq mi)
Laund 53,338 km2 (20,594 sq mi)
Watter (%) 2,599 km2 (1,003 sq mi) (4.7%)
Proportion o Canadae 0.6% o 9,984,670 km2
Population  Ranked 7t
Total (2011) 921,727 [1]
Densitie (2011) 17.28/km2 (44.8/sq mi)
GDP  Ranked 7t
Total (2009) C$34.283 billion[2]
Per caipita C$34,210 (11t)
Postal NS
ISO 3166-2 CA-NS
Time zone UTC-4
Postal code prefix B
Trailing arbutus 2006.jpg
Picea rubens cone.jpg
  Red spruce
Rankins include aw provinces an territories

Nova Scotia (French: Nouvelle-Écosse; Scots Gaelic: Alba Nuadh; Inglis: New Scotland) is ane o the provinces o Canadae. The caipital is Halifax. It is the seicont smawest province o Canadae, wi an aurie o 55,284 square kilometres.

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