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State o North Dakota
Banner o North Dakota State seal o North Dakota
Banner Seal
Nickname(s): Peace Garden State,
Roughrider State, Flickertail State
Motto(s): Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable
Cairt o the Unitit States wi North Dakota heichlichtit
Demonym North Dakotan
Caipital Bismarck
Lairgest ceety Fargo
Lairgest metro Fargo metropolitan aurie
Aurie Ranked 19t
 • Tot 70,700 sq mi
(183,272 km2)
 • Width 211[citation needit] miles (340 km)
 • Lenth 357 miles (574 km)
 • % watter 2.4
 • Latitude 45° 56′ N tae 49° 00′ N
 • Longitude 96° 33′ W te 104° 03′ W
Population Ranked 47t
 • Tot 756,927 (2015 est)[1]
 • Density 11.70/sq mi  (3.83/km2)
Ranked 47t
 • Heichest pynt White Butte[2][3]
3,508 ft (1069 m)
 • Mean 1,900 ft  (580 m)
 • Lawest pynt Reid River o the North at Manitoba border[2][3]
751 ft (229 m)
Afore statehuid Dakota Territory
Admission to Union 2 November 1889 (39t)
Govrenor Doug Burgum (R)
Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford (R)
Legislatur Legislative Assembly
 • Upper hoose Senate
 • Lawer hoose Hoose o Representatives
U.S. Senators John Hoeven (R)
Heidi Heitkamp (D)
U.S. Hoose delegation Kevin Cramer (R) (leet)
Time zones  
 • maist o state Central: UTC -6/-5
 • soothwast Moontain: UTC -7/-6
ISO 3166 US-ND
Abbreviations ND,

North Dakota (pronunciation: Listeni/ˌnɔːrθ dəˈktə/; locally [ˌno̞ɹθ dəˈko̞ɾə]) is the 39t state o the Unitit States, haein been admittit tae the union on 2 November 1889.

It is locatit in the Upper Midwastren region o the Unitit States, bordered by the Canadian provinces o Saskatchewan an Manitoba tae the north, the states o Minnesota tae the east, Sooth Dakota tae the sooth, an Montana tae the west.[4] The state caipital is Bismarck, an the lairgest ceety is Fargo. North Dakota is the 19t maist extensive but the 4t least populous an the 4t least densely populatit o the 50 Unitit States.

North Dakota haes weathered the Great Recession o the early 21st hunderyear wi a boom in naitural resoorces, pairteecularly a boom in ile extraction frae the Bakken formation, which lees beneath the northwastren pairt o the state.[5] The development haes driven strang job an population growthe, an law unemployment.[6][7]

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