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State of Mississippi
Banner o Mississippi State seal o Mississippi
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): "The Magnolia State", "The Hospitality State"
Motto(s): Virtute et Armis
Cairt o the Unitit States wi Mississippi heichlichtit
Offeecial leid Inglis
Demonym Mississippian
Caipital Jackson
Lairgest ceety capital
Aurie Ranked 32nt
 • Tot 48,430 sq mi
(125,443 km2)
 • Width 170 miles (275 km)
 • Lenth 340 miles (545 km)
 • % watter 3%
 • Latitude 30° 12′ N tae 35° N
 • Longitude 88° 06′ W tae 91° 39′ W
Population Ranked 32nt
 • Tot 2,992,333 (2015 est)[1]
 • Density 63.5/sq mi  (24.5/km2)
Ranked 32nd
 • Median hoosehauld income $36,338 (50t)
 • Heichest pynt Woodall Mountain[2][3][4]
807 ft (246.0 m)
 • Mean 300 ft  (90 m)
 • Lawest pynt Gulf o Mexico[3]
sea level
Afore statehuid Mississippi Territory
Admission to Union 10 Dizember 1817 (20t)
Govrenor Phil Bryant (R)
Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves (R)
Legislatur Mississippi Legislature
 • Upper hoose State Senate
 • Lawer hoose Hoose o Representatives
U.S. Senators
U.S. Hoose delegation 3 Republicans, 1 Democrat (leet)
Time zone Central: UTC −6/−5
ISO 3166 US-MS
Abbreviations MS, Miss.
Wabsteid www.ms.gov
Mississippi state seembols
Flag of Mississippi.svg
Seal of Mississippi (2014–present).svg
Ainimal an Plant insignia
Flouer(s) Magnolia
Mammal(s) White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
Inanimate insignia
Beverage Milk
Colours reid an blue
Dance Clogging
Fuid Sweet potato
Gemstane Emerald
Mineral Gowd
Motto Virtute et armis
Rock Granite
Slogan(s) First Flight (unoffeecial)
Sang(s) "Go, Mississippi"
Route merker(s)
Mississippi Route Merker
State Quarter
Quarter of Mississippi
Released in 2002
Leets o Unitit States state seembols

Mississippi is an American state.

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