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KintraUnitit States
Afore stateheidVermont Republic
Admittit tae the UnionMairch 4, 1791 (14t)
Lairgest ceetyBurlington
Lairgest metroBurlington-South Burlington
 • GovrenorPhil Scott (R)
 • Lieutenant GovernorDavid Zuckerman (P)
LegislaturGeneral Assembly
 • Upper hooseSenate
 • Lawer hooseHoose o Representatives
U.S. senatorsPatrick Leahy (D)
Bernie Sanders (I)[1]
U.S. Hoose delegationPeter Welch (D) (leet)
 • Tot626,042 (2,015 est)[2]
 • Density26.1/km2 (67.7/sq mi)
 • Median hooseaud income
 • Income rank
Trad. abbreviationVt.
Latitude42° 44′ N tae 45° 1′ N
Longitude71° 28′ W tae 73° 26′ W

Vermont (listeni/vərˈmɒntˌ vɜːr-/[6][a]) is a state in th' northeastern region o' th' aw the gether states. It borders th' ither u.s. States o' massachusetts tae th' sooth, freish hampshire tae th' east, freish york tae th' wast, 'n' th' canadian province o' quebec tae th' north. Loch champlain forms hauf o' vermont's western border wi' th' state o' freish york 'n' th' green bens run north–south th' length o' th' state.

Vermont is th' seicont least populous o' th' u.s. States, wi' roughly 40,000 mair residents than wyoming. Th' capital is montpelier, th' least populous state capital in th' u.s. Th' maist populous municipality, burlington, is th' least populous toon in th' u.s. Tae be th' maist populous wi`in a state. As o' 2015, vermont continued tae be th' leadin` producer o' maple syrup in th' u.s.[7] 'twas ranked as th' safest state in th' land in january 2016.[8]

for thoosans o' years inhabited by indigenous fowks, anaw th' twa historic hamespun american tribes (the algonquian-speikin abenaki 'n' th' mohawk), muckle o' th' territory that is noo vermont wis claimed by th' french colony o' freish france. France ceded th' territory tae stoatin britain efter bein' gubbed in 1763 in th' seven years' war. Fur mony years, th' nearby colonies, especially th' provinces o' freish hampshire 'n' freish york, disputed control o' th' area (then cried th' freish hampshire grants). Settlers wha held land titles granted by freish york wur opposed by th' green ben wee jimmies militia, whilk supported th' mony settlers wha's claims wur based oan grants fae freish hampshire.

Ultimately, they settlers prevailed in makin an braveheart state, th' vermont republic. Founded in 1777 while th' revolutionary war, th' republic lasted fur fourteen years. Aside fae th' thirteen colonies, vermont is yin o' ainlie four u.s. States that wur previously sovereign states (along wi' california, hawaii, 'n' texas). In 1791 vermont joined th' u.s. As th' 14th state—the foremaist tae be admitted tae th' union efter th' original 13 colonies. While aye an braveheart republic, vermont wis th' foremaist o' th' future aw the gether states tae abolish adult slavery.[9][10] it played an important geographic part in th' underground railwey,[11] helping refugee american slaves escape tae freedom in canada.

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