Howland Island

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Howland Island
EtymologyNamed efter a leukoot wha sichted it frae the whaleship Isabella
LocationPaceefic Ocean
AirchipelagaePhoenix Islands
Tot islands1
Aurie4.5 km2 (1.7 sq mi)
Coastline6.4 km (3.98 mi)
Stateestical designationUnitit States Meenor Ootleein Islands
Howland Island is locatit in Pacific Ocean
Howland Island
Howland Island
Location o Howland Island in the Paceefic Ocean

Howland Island /ˈhlənd/ is an uninhabitit coral island locatit juist north o the equator in the central Paceefic Ocean, aboot 1,700 nautical miles (3,100 km) soothwast o Honolulu. The island lies awmaist haufway atween Hawaii an Australie an is an unincorporatit, unorganised territory o the Unitit States. Geografically, thegither wi Baker Island it forms part o the Phoenix Islands. For stateestical purposes, Howland is grouped as ane o the Unitit States Minor Ootleein Islands.