Columbia River

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Columbia River
Corps-engineers-archives bonneville dam looking east.jpg
Bonneville Dam, in the Columbia River Gorge
Name oreegin: Captain Robert Gray's ship, Columbia Rediviva
Nickname: Big River, the River o the Wast, River Oregon[1]
Kintras Unitit States, Canadae
States Washington, Oregon
Province Breetish Columbie
 - left Spillimacheen River, Beaver River, Illecillewaet River, Incomappleux River, Kootenay River, Pend Oreille River, Spokane River, Snake River, John Day River, Deschutes River, Willamette River
 - right Kicking Horse River, Blaeberry River, Canoe River, Kettle River, Sanpoil River, Okanogan River, Wenatchee River, Yakima River, Lewis River, Kalama River, Cowlitz River
Ceeties Revelstoke, BC, Tri-Cities, WA, Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, Longview, WA, Astoria, OR
Soorce Columbia Lake
 - location Breetish Columbie, Canadae
 - elevation 2,690 ft (820 m) [2]
 - coordinates 50°13′N 115°51′W / 50.217°N 115.850°W / 50.217; -115.850 [3]
Mooth Pacific Ocean, at Clatsop County, Oregon / Pacific County, Washington
 - elevation 0 ft (0 m)
 - coordinates 46°14′39″N 124°3′29″W / 46.24417°N 124.05806°W / 46.24417; -124.05806Coordinates: 46°14′39″N 124°3′29″W / 46.24417°N 124.05806°W / 46.24417; -124.05806 [4]
Lenth 1,243 mi (2,000 km) [5]
Basin 258,000 sq mi (668,000 km2)
Dischairge for mouth (average); max and min at The Dalles, Oregon, 188.9 miles (304.0 km) from the mouth
 - average 265,000 cu ft/s (7,500 m3/s) [6][7][8]
 - max 1,240,000 cu ft/s (35,100 m3/s)
 - min 12,100 cu ft/s (300 m3/s)
Columbia River drainage basin
Wikimedia Commons: Columbia River

The Columbia River is the lairgest river in the Pacific Northwest region o North Americae.

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