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Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwast region o the Unitit States. The aerie wis inhabited by mony indigenous tribes afore the arrival o traders, splorers an settlers. The Oregon Territory wis created in 1848 efter American settlement began in earnest in the 1840s. Oregon became a state (33rd) on February 14, 1859. Oregon is locatit on the Pacific coast atween Washington til the noorth, California til the sooth, Nevada on the sooth-east an Idaho til the east. The Columbia an Snake rivers delineate hantle o Oregon's noorthren and eastlin mairchs respectively. Salem is the state's thrid maist populous ceety an the state caipital, wi Portland the maist populous. Portland is currently the 30t mucklemaist U.S. ceety wi a population o 575,930 (2008 estimate) an a metro population o 2,175,133 (2007 estimate), 23rd maist muckle U.S. metro aerie.

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