Snake River

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Snake River
Lewis River, Shoshone River, Mad River, Saptin River, Yam-pah-pa, Lewis Fork
Snake River and Columbia Plateau Trail.jpg
The Snake River flowin throu the Palouse region aboot 10 miles (16 km) abuin its mooth on the Columbia River
Kintra Unitit States
States Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
Region Pacific Northwast
 - left Hoback River, Salt River, Portneuf River, Bruneau River, Owyhee River, Malheur River
Ceeties Jackson, WY, Idaho Falls, ID, Blackfoot, ID, American Falls, ID, Burley, ID, Twin Falls, ID, Ontario, OR, Lewiston, ID, Tri-Cities, WA
Soorce Rocky Moontains
 - location Yellowstone Naitional Park, Wyoming
 - elevation 8,927 ft (2,721 m) [1]
 - coordinates 44°7′49″N 110°13′10″W / 44.13028°N 110.21944°W / 44.13028; -110.21944 [2]
Mooth Columbia River
 - location Franklin / Walla Walla coonties, near Burbank, Washington[3]
 - elevation 358 ft (109 m) [4]
 - coordinates 46°11′10″N 119°1′43″W / 46.18611°N 119.02861°W / 46.18611; -119.02861Coordinates: 46°11′10″N 119°1′43″W / 46.18611°N 119.02861°W / 46.18611; -119.02861 [2]
Lenth 1,078 mi (1,735 km) [5]
Basin 107,510 sq mi (278,450 km2) [6]
Discharge for Ice Harbor Dam, Washington, 9 12 miles (15.3 km) above the mouth
 - average 54,830 cu ft/s (1,550 m3/s) [7]
 - max 409,000 cu ft/s (11,580 m3/s) [8]
 - min 2,700 cu ft/s (80 m3/s)
Snake River watershed map.png
Map of the Snake River watershed
Wikimedia Commons: Snake River

The Snake River is a major river o the greater Paceefic Northwast in the Unitit States. At 1,078 miles (1,735 km) lang, it is the lairgest tributary o the Columbia River, the lairgest North American river that empties intae the Paceefic Ocean.[9]

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