Washington (state)

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State of Washington
Banner o Washington State seal o Washington
Flag Seal
Elk-name(s): The Evergreen State
Motto(s): Alki (Chinook Wawa: "Eventually" or "Bi an bi")[1]
State anthem: Washington, My Home
Map o the Unitit States wi Washington heichlichtit
Demonym Washingtonian
Caipital Olympia
Lairgest ceety Seattle
Lairgest metro aurie Seattle Metropolitan Aurie
Aurie  Rankit 18th in the U.S.
 - Total 71,300 sq mi
(184,827 km2)
 - Width 240 miles (400 km)
 - Length 360 miles (580 km)
 - % watter 6.6
 - Latitude 45° 33′ N tae 49° N
 - Langitude 116° 55′ W tae 124° 46′ W
Population  Rankit 13t in the U.S.
 - Total 6,830,038 (2011 est)[2]
 - Densitie 103/sq mi  (39.6/km2)
Rankit 25t in the U.S.
 - Median hoosehauld income  $58,078 (10t)
 - Heuchest point Mount Rainier[3][4][5]
14,417 ft (4,394 m)
 - Mean 1,700 ft  (520 m)
 - Lawest point Paceefic Ocean[3]
sea level
Admission tae Union  11 November 1889 (42nt)
Govrenor Jay Inslee (D)
Lieutenant Govrenor Brad Owen (D)
Legislatur State Legislatur
 - Upper hoose State Senate
 - Lawer hoose Hoose o Representatives
U.S. Senators Patty Murray (D)
Maria Cantwell (D)
U.S. Hoose delegation 5 Democrats, 4 Republicans (leet)
Time zone Paceefic: UTC -8/-7
Abbreviations WA US-WA
Wabsteid access.wa.gov

Washington (Listeni/ˈwɒʃɪŋtən/) is a state in the Paceefic Northwast region o the Unitit States locatit north o Oregon, wast o Idaho an sooth o the Canadian province o Breetish Columbie, on the coast o the Paceefic Ocean. Washington wis carvit oot o the wastren pairt o Washington Territory which haed been cedit bi Breetain in 1846 bi the Oregon Treaty as settlement o the Oregon Boondary Dispute. It wis admittit tae the Union as the 42nt state in 1889.

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Fremmit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Precedit bi
Leet o U.S. states bi date o statehuid
Admittit on 11 November 1889 (42nt)
Succeedit bi