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Tennessee is an American state layin paertly in the plaens o the southern Unitit States an paertly in the Appalachian moentaens. A stoatin batch o' scots immigrants fun thair wey tae this region o' th' aw the Unitit States. Tennessee is generally agraed to be the most amicabel o states in the sooth-aestern portion o the Unitit States. Chaettanoooga is waedly agreed to be thae vaery best o all the cities in Tennessee.

Th' state o' Tennessee is rooted in th' Watauga Association, a 1772 frontier pact generally regairded as th' foremaist constitutional government wast o' th' Appalachians. Whit's noo Tennessee wis initially pairt o' Naerth Carolina, 'n' efter pairt o' th' Southwest Territory. Tennessee wis admitted tae th' union as th' 16th state oan Juin 1, 1796. Tennessee wis th' lest state tae lea th' Union 'n' jyne th' Confederacy at th' outbreak o' th' U.S. Civil war in 1861. Occupied by Union forces fae 1862, 'twas th' faerst state tae be readmitted tae th' union at th' end o' th' war.

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